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Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX

With the release of Salesforce DX, the platform is extending its capabilities, allowing developers to work according to best practices currently used in software development. It provides a set of new functionalities, API’s, tools and commands which can be used in combination so that developers are able to construct an environment with the level of control and automation they feel comfortable and are most productive with.

The most outstanding features are:

  • Scratch Orgs: Ability to work on declarative and programmatic features on an isolated and temporary environment.

  • Focus on version control (Git): Derive a working environment (Scratch Org) easily from any moment in your project history for developing and testing.

  • Command Line Interface (CLI): Execute actions from a command line tool instead of a User Interface to increase efficiency.

  • Open Platform: Enable users to define own commands on top of the existing ones to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Release capabilities: The new APIs and commands help developers to move developments easily to further environments (e.g. for testing).

Taking advantage of Salesforce DX capabilities can have some benefits impacting the overall efficiency and quality of the solution delivery in the following areas:

  • Project Governance: Increase control, collaboration and traceability while embracing version control.

  • Collaboration: Save time avoiding overwriting between developers by working on isolated environments and with version control.

  • Development: Increase development efficiency with CLI commands and scripts.

  • Testing: Eliminate time lost due to testing interferences, using Scratch Orgs for testing.

  • Sandbox Refreshes: Reduce the number of refreshes and time spend to set up sandboxes creating Scratch Orgs from Git.

Copado DX

Copado DX

There is no doubt about the potential business value of Salesforce DX. The impact on the overall ROI of a transition to DX and your investments in Salesforce will also be larger if more team members adopt the increased capabilities of the Platform. Given the focus of the current version of Salesforce DX, only senior developers will be able to appreciate its capabilities and increase their quality.
So the question is: How all team members can benefit from Salesforce DX as fast as possible?
The answer is Copado DX

Copado DX is designed to enhance Salesforce DX increasing your Salesforce ROI and significantly reducing the impact on ongoing implementations, following simple guidelines:

  • Make it accessible to all Admins and Developers regardless their knowledge of Git and the CLI.

  • Enable Release Managers and Architects to easily manage Scratch Orgs and Artifacts.

  • Embed it in a holistic release process with a low impact on the existing workflow.

User Interface

Access the full potential of Salesforce DX without a single CLI command and speed up adoption time:

  • Intuitive and familiar User Interface based on the platform, easy to learn for anyone used to Salesforce.

  • Admins, Configuration Specialists and Developers alike can take advantage of Salesforce DX with the same training.

  • Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and Architects can easily monitor and manage Scratch Orgs, Artifacts and all DX activities.

Release Process Compatibility

Copado DX allows to embed Salesforce DX within an existing release process, reducing the impact on the current workflow:

  • No impact on the current release process.

  • Traditional and Salesforce DX way of working can be used in parallel and combined.

  • Copado DX teams must adhere to the same Quality Gates as traditional development teams.

Security and Permissions

Salesforce DX is powerful and with Copado DX this power is tamed by following below security checks:

  • Use standard Salesforce security mechanisms like OLS, custom sharing rules, profiles and permission sets to provide access to specific Copado DX functionalities.

  • Only allow deployments from Scratch Orgs to a specific Sandbox.

  • Keep your Metadata in a shared repository instead of routing it through local machines.

  • CopadoDX complies with your repository security.

Scratch Org Management

Create and manage Scratch Orgs easily with Copado DX to quickly start development on a feature:

  • Define templates for Scratch Org definitions and metadata to be loaded at initialization.

  • Get a list of your active Scratch Orgs to get an overview and manage them.

  • Pass Scratch Orgs to other developers, if the initial owner is not available due to sickness or PTO.

  • Backup a Scratch Orgs to save developments if a Scratch Org is about to expire.

  • Use Salesforce Reports for an additional level of monitoring of Scratch Orgs.

  • Extend Salesforce DX definition usage with the power of Copado deployments.

Artifact Management

Salesforce DX introduces Artifacts and with Copado DX you can easily create and manage them:

  • Create and manage your artifact metadata from a Version Control System or from an Unmanaged Package.

  • Easily distribute metadata between Artifacts.

  • Use one or more Artifacts to create Scratch Orgs.

  • Select and approve target Artifact for new developments.

  • Use Git tags to version Artifacts and work on patches even for an older version of your application.

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