Change Management Integrations

By Alberto Ojedo

Change Management Integrations
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We are glad to announce the latest open source project created by Copado in GitHub which will allow our customers to easily integrate their external project management systems with Copado Change Management application.

This Salesforce unmanaged package is intended to let you maintain a bi-directional integration between your external provider's items -such as Jira or Microsoft VSTS- and Copado's User Stories to have both systems always synchronized. Through a friendly user interface, you will be able to select the fields you wish to map, which ones should be updated, which ones do not, and the frequency of the updates. Also, you will be able to check logs with information about the status and the completion of the synchronization operations.

You can find all the steps, installation instructions and detailed information about this open source project here: https://github.com/CopadoSolutions/ccm-integration

We will be increasing the supported providers' list during the following months. We will keep you informed!

Change Management Integrations


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