New Git Operations with Copado

By Estela García

New Git Operations with Copado
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Copado includes a set of amazing new features in v11 to seamlessly manage changes in Git by technical and non-technical users. Besides committing files as usual from your user stories, now Copado brings these new possibilities:

  • Recommit files - This operation will let you have pre-selected the metadata items you selected in previous commits instead of having to search and select all of them one by one again. You will be able to add more items or un-select those you do not want to commit again.

  • Recreate feature branch - If you do not want to keep using the current feature branch and create a new one for your commits, this option will let you do that quickly and painlessly.

  • Destructive changes - Sometimes you have the need of deleting an item and promote this deletion through the sandbox landscape. Usually, this action would require removing items in Git (for fields, you need to remove tags; for reports, you remove files, etc.). In addition, related items need to be aligned in Git (e.g. a field is referenced in profiles, reports, layouts,...). And even then, the way Salesforce deploys some metadata based on Git, it sometimes requires a manual deletion. With destructive changes, Copado will basically handle those tasks for you in one easy step.

  • Full Profiles and Permission sets - With Copado, now you have the ability to commit Full Profiles and Permission Sets from one source Org into Git. This is especially useful when you have created new Profiles or Permission Sets or you have to reconcile the existing permissions in Git with latest changes in Salesforce. Instead of having to commit all related objects (as retrieve only) along with the profile or the permission set, now Copado makes it simpler for all users improving this functionality and allowing to commit full profiles and permission sets easily from your User Stories.

If you are interested in finding out more about these new amazing features, do not hesitate to visit our documentation site here.



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