Release Management as a Service

Release Management as a Service

Allow your best developers to focus on delivering features, while Copado takes over the responsibility of managing your releases from User Story definition, to release on production.

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Test Automation as a Service

When your Company needs automated testing, but you cannot invest the time to get started, Copado will set up the first set of selenium tests and train your QA specialists.

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Test Automation as a Service
Selenium Specialist as a Service

Selenium Specialist as a Service

Your project needs automated testing, but you don’t have the expertise available to ensure the quality of your implementation, we will take over it for you.

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If you don’t have time to find out in detail how to approach a situation, you can rely on our experts to increase knowledge or to get a quicker fix to an issue.

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Salesforce Release Management

Release Management as a Service - In detail

Focus on features while we take over your release process

A larger Salesforce project requires a Release Manager to have expertise in Salesforce & deployments, Git, dev and release processes as well as productivity tools used in those areas. Ideally, you have two Release Managers, as otherwise you risk losing your ability to release during sickness or vacation. We offer Release Management as a Service. This way you are able to buy time to hire a Release Manager, train someone internally or free up bandwidth of your best developers so that they focus on creating great functionality.

  • Experienced release manager resource assuming responsibility for your deployments.

  • Perform deployments to production.

  • Manage Deployment issue resolution.

  • Moderate merge conflict resolution.

  • Own and enforce quality gates.

  • Manage Copado setup.

  • Actively leverage upcoming Copado features.

  • Advisory on release management process evolution.

Salesforce Testing Automation

Test Automation as a Service - In detail

We get your test automation started and you take over

Projects are pressured from multiple vectors. Users want to have their new features and bugfixes delivered quickly, so you cannot dedicate technical resources to set up test automation for prior releases, which is required by your QA department. Copado can help you bridge that gap, maintain your development speed and implement selenium testing as part of your release management process.

  • Analysis of available process documentation, functional scripts and core use cases.

  • Creation of Copado Selenium Test Scripts covering the most important steps.

  • Training of your Release & QA team on how to expand your test automation coverage.

Salesforce Selenium Specialist

Selenium Specialist as a Service - In detail

Copado Selenium Specialists ensure the quality of your project

The number of long running Salesforce implementations is rising and automated testing becomes progressively an essential element to ensure the quality of new releases. Given this development, it becomes increasingly difficult to find employees experienced in Selenium and who are able to create and maintain automated test scripts.

  • Non exclusive and dedicated Selenium Specialist with a vast background.

  • Creation, update and maintenance of Copado Selenium Tests.

  • Billing based on results, not on time spent.


Services - In detail

We share our expertise, so you can be successful

Sometimes there is no time and margin for errors during an implementation. The release deadline is closing in, features are developed and tested, and you face a deployment problem which is blocking you from moving forward. Occasionally, you need a little help from experts to overcome a challenge quicker, may it be related to a specific deployment error, your team setup or how to make Salesforce & Git a viable combination.

  • Support solving technical issues around Salesforce release management.

  • Recommendations on how to work with Copado, git and Salesforce.

  • Assistance in sandbox landscape design.

  • Recommendations on the User Story Process from definition-to-release.

  • Support in setting up initial Quality Gates according to the process.

  • Any type of training on specific scenarios to key users, not covered by Copado Academy.

  • Approach & Verification on how to handle challenging situations.

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