Copado Ranked Leader in Enterprise Continuous Innovation and #1 in Customer Satisfaction

The results are in…

Not all DevOps tools are created equal. The latest G2 crowd report compares the leading Continuous Integration tools and the results are in… Copado has been named a leader in Continuous Integration.

Not only is Copado a leader in Continuous Integration, but we are also ranked #1 in Enterprise customer satisfaction.

The world of DevOps is changing at the speed of light, making it harder for enterprise companies to keep up. Are you using the right DevOps solution? Copado, the #1 Native DevOps Tool for Salesforce, guides you along your path to DevOps success.

Download the report to see why:

G2 Crowd Report

Not all DevOps tools are created equal.
See why Copado stands out ahead of the pack as the

#1 Native DevOps Tool for Salesforce .


of users ranked it 4 or 5 stars


of users reported its ease of use


of customers say we're easy to do business with


say our product is going in the right direction

About Copado

Copado is the #1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce. Copado enables faster, error-free releases with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment technologies, all via an enterprise-class DevOps platform. Copado guides the way to DevOps maturity, allowing you to focus on what’s important – getting highly quality innovation into the hands of your consumers.