Copado + TrailblazerDX 2023

Demo the Must-Have DevOps Platform for Salesforce

March 7-8, 2023 | San Francisco | Groundbreaker Sponsor

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Meet us at the Moscone Center:
Booth #6!

Why is Copado a must-have solution for Salesforce customers? 3 things: power, reliability and ease-of-use. Stop by booth 6 on the campground for custom demos: 

  • Copado Data Deploy: Get Next-Level Salesforce CPQ Automation
  • Copado Compliance Hub: Automate Monitoring & Enforcement of Compliance Rules
  • Copado Robotic Testing: Automate Your End-to-End Test Suite in Minutes!

Jumpstart Your Journey to Salesforce DevOps Success

March 8 at 11:30 am PT | Cedar Theater

Step off the Moscone campground and enter Andrew Davis’ wonderful world of Salesforce innovation. Join the author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps for a 40-minute theater session on: 

  • The Human Foundation of DevOps: Where Culture & Process Meet Development
  • The Art and Science of Continuous Salesforce Improvement
  • The Five Steps to DevOps Success: Where Are You Right Now?

Recharge Your Batteries & Get Bonus Innovation

March 7-8 | 8 am to 4 pm PT | at Trellis

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of TrailblazerDX? Head over to Trellis Workspace (10-minute walk from Moscone Center) to map out your DevOps transformation in a private meeting room with our experts.

  • Attend Our DevOps Breakfast Panel for Salesforce Architects.
  • Watch a LIVE Stream of the TrailblazerDX Main Keynote.
  • Join 3 Innovation Jams for Actionable Info You Can Share with Your Team!

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Architects, Welcome!
Join us for breakfast and a panel discussion

March 7 | 7:30 am to 9:00 am PT | at Trellis

Kickstart your day at Trellis with a breakfast panel for Salesforce Architects. Andrew Davis will host this interactive roundtable and Q&A session with three DevOps change makers:

  • Blanca Leon-Carter, Principal Consultant & DevOps Architect, Slalom: See how Blanca advanced her career from admin to architect.
  • Jason Ross, Principal, Omni Cloud Consulting: Learn how Jason solves real-world challenges with Copado.
  • Abhishek Saxena, Technical Architect, Copado: Get Abhishek’s advice for building solutions that drive customer success.

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Innovation Jam 1: How to Build the Creative Capacity of your Development Team

March 7 | 1-2 pm PT at Trellis

Developing software is a creative process — but there’s always room for improvement. Where are we inefficient? How can we coordinate better? What kinds of protection do we need in place? Don’t miss this interactive workshop with Andrew Davis, Copado Sr. Director of Methodology:

  • Reimagine the Development Process to Make it Work Better for Everyone.
  • See How Effective Dev Teams Harness the Creative Capacity of ALL Their Members.
  • Get Principles & Practice Techniques You Can Take Back to Your Team!

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FinServ Innovation Jam 2: Survival of the Smartest with Salesforce

MARCH 7 | 3:00 PM PT  at Trellis

See how Copado drives innovation across the financial services space with Jeff Garwood, VP Architecture & Solutions at Salesforce, Marisa Taylor, Head of Salesforce Architecture & Development and Keri McKiernan, Global Head of Commercial & Marketing Technology and Salesforce Center of Excellence at S&P Global.

  • Crawl: Implement DevOps to solve challenges and commit your team to collaboration and training.
  • Walk: Foster Subject Matter Experts, internal leaders and a shared vision of transformation.
  • Run: Introduce Salesforce releases early in the development cycle to drive innovation at scale.
  • Fly: Derisk Salesforce changes, build incremental releases and cross-coordinate launches.

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Innovation Jam 3: An Architect’s Guide to the Copado DevOps Platform

March 8 | 12:30 pm PT  at Trellis

Navigating the Salesforce DevOps landscape can be a complex challenge without an expert guide. But don’t worry — Technical Architect Abhishek Saxena will show you how to extend and personalize your DevOps solution with the Copado DevOps Platform. Take your DevOps process to new heights!

  • See why today’s DevOps marketplace falls short in terms of customization & enterprise scale.
  • Understand the challenges of rigid features, complex integrations and non-editable UIs.
  • Combine end-to-end customization and wide platform compatibility with Copado.
  • Leverage a user-friendly UI built on top of Salesforce.

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