Winter ’20 Solution Guide

Copado prepares you for the DevOps world of tomorrow by offering a full DevOps CI/CD solution guiding you along the path to DevOps success. 

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Contents include:

  • Executive Summary
  • The Business Benefits of DevOps
  • How do you operate Salesforce at scale?
  • What does complete DevOps mean?
  • Copado: The Complete CI/CD Solution
  • Winter ’20: Leading the pack with new CI/CD functionality
  • Copado Continuous Delivery
  • Copado: Trusted by Customers
  • Copado: Leader in CI/CD


DevOps 360

Our Winter ‘20 release is the only end-to-end CI/CD DevOps platform for Salesforce.


Continuous Integration (CI)

CI is the process of integrating the creation and testing of changes into a shared repository where every change is built and verified as early as possible – usually several times per day. With Copado CI, you will find errors as early as possible, reduce integration problems and avoid compounding errors.


Continuous Deployment (CD)

CD is a devOps practice in which every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production, automatically, resulting in numerous production deployments every single day. With Copado CD, you can ensure every change is releasable, increase your release velocity, and improve release quality and security. 

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