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How BlueWave Solar Achieves Continuous Integration with Copado


Company Name: BlueWave
Date: Feb 2020

BlueWave Solar chose Copado because it was the only DevOps tool that had the full suite of functionality, automation and DevOps processes that the team was looking for. After implementing the #1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce, they immediately began to see an impact and lift.

A True DevOps Solution

Copado: The #1 Complete CI/CD DevOps Tool for Salesforce


Releases Several Times Per Day


Streamlined Automation


Visibility Throughout Release Pipeline


Quality Control & Compliance

“The fact that Copado has everything directly in Salesforce is a huge benefit for us. Thanks to Copado, we can now fully leverage the full suite of automation and functionality that Salesforce offers.”

Jeff Battles

Senior Director of Product Management, BlueWave

The Challenge

BlueWave Solar is on a mission to revolutionize energy. In order to achieve this goal, they use Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform. BlueWave Solar has been on the Salesforce platform for five years and has seen vast improvements in their business processes, yet there was one area that they continued to struggle with – the area of DevOps. As the release team at BlueWave continued to grow and scale, their release process starting becoming more and more frustrating.

To manage their release process, BlueWave employed the use of changesets and ANT scripts. This meant that the entire process was rather manually labor-intensive. Changesets needed to be manually built and managed, as every time there was a change made, it needed to be manually tracked, and sometimes entirely rebuilt. This was further amplified by the lack of version control and single source of truth for configuration changes, which resulted in countless overwrites. The culmination of this was countless precious hours lost to doublechecking and rebuilding rather than time spent on net new creation….

The Solution

As BlueWave Solar began evaluating DevOps tools, there was one vendor that stood out above the rest – Copado, the #1 Native DevOps Solution for Salesforce. BlueWave decided to go with Copado, as it was the only platform that was native on Salesforce and leveraged a GIT repository. Overall, it was the only DevOps tool that had the full suite of functionality, automation and DevOps processes that the team was looking for.

As the team began to implement Copado they started to right away see an impact and lift. Copado provided them with a single source of truth through their GIT repository, enabling the team to collaborate effectively and thereby reducing the likelihood and occurrence of overwrites. Furthermore, in GIT the users could now review configuration changes and ensure that each and every single one met their stringent quality and compliance standards. This meant that they did not need to refresh sandboxes as often, which helped decrease the likelihood of data loss.

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