Case Study

Build On Agility

How Linde Improves Development, Speed & Quality with Copado


Company Name: Linde
Date: October 2019

Copado allowed Linde to progress in its DevOps maturity model, enabling the company to move from a laborious, manually intensive process to a sophisticated, automated and efficient solution. Now able to tap into the ultimate level of release sophistication and seamlessly provide continuous innovation and deployment, Linde is now leading the pack and ready to take on the world of tomorrow.

A Game Changer

Copado: The only DevOps tool natively built on and fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds


Fast, High-Quality Deployments


Countless Hours Freed Up


Increased DevOps Maturity

“It was the right end-to-end toolset. Copado helped us to implement a continuous delivery pipeline that’s completely flexible and highly effective.”

Timo Schmitt

Head of Salesforce Platform, Linde

The Challenge

In 2015, Linde rolled out the Salesforce CRM platform, including Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, to more than 10,000 internal users. At the same time, the company deployed more than 30 custom enterprise apps through catering to its focus on gases, compliance, healthcare and other specialized needs.

After a fast-paced implementation, the small team responsible for the platform’s operations soon encountered challenges. With just one program architect and external developer partners located around the world, the team struggled to successfully deploy releases and was limited to a slow quarterly based release cycle. Release engineers needed to merge the changes from up to 10 projects in parallel to create one package file, and they had to manually merge XML files in order to complete deployments, which was a manually laborious, time consuming and error-prone process. Additionally, due to having to manually merge code from various partners and environments, changes to the same component would get lost or result in conflicting information. Developers were constantly forced to repair code conflicts and overwrites. This process was exacerbated by the team’s numerous custom apps, which further strained developer resources and amplified the complexity of the release process.

“It was like a nightmare,” says Timo Schmitt, who oversees the Salesforce platform at Linde. 

The taxing release process resulted in lost productivity for Schmitt’s team and the business as a whole. Developers were forced to spend their time fixing problems rather than innovating, and infrequent releases hampered the team’s ability to scale and reap the benefits of continuous delivery. Given the scale of the enterprise that the platform served, Schmitt knew he needed to find a solution to keep up with demand and drive efficiency.

The Solution

In 2016, Schmitt adopted Copado to improve the release process at Linde. Copado was specifically selected because it was the only DevOps tool natively built on and fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds. After fully implementing Copado, the team was able to move from predetermined releases to automated continuous delivery, with changes going live at least daily. A new and efficient tool supported governance model that is enabled for agility and ensured by quality gates enabled Linde to have the right level of governance needed. This strong governance model allowed the team to effectively monitor deployment, ensuring new code was in compliance and receiving advance notice if potential conflicts or other issues emerged. Full visibility across the entire release process improved transparency and collaboration across the team of administrators, developers, architects and IT personnel. Copado has helped the team smoothly merge code from independent developer partners working in parallel. All stakeholders now have a complete view of developments in real time and can maintain version control and a single source of truth. The tool also integrated seamlessly with…

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