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Build On Remote Teams

Authored by Andrew Davis  | Senior Director, Product Marketing |  Copado


Humans thrive on collaboration; while companies depend on communication and coordination to manage complex projects. Remote working opens up the ability to collaborate across offices, locations, and time zones and to provide a trusted record of interactions across the entire team. Not only does remote working with Copado allow you to bring all of your offices and workers together, it provides you with the traceability and history you need to prove compliance and to clarify the entire workflow.

Remote work saves time spent commuting and can enable workers to focus with fewer distractions. But there is a hidden benefit to this practice as well. When teams collaborate using a trusted system, information is stored and made available to people across all locations. This provides a natural history of changes, approvals, and activities. Copado was built to enable Salesforce development teams to collaborate remotely at peak effectiveness. 

With integration into the rest of your Salesforce workflow, the power of Chatter for communication, and the ability to use standard Salesforce functionality like approval processes and integrations, Copado makes building on Salesforce as natural as using Salesforce. Moreover Copado provides built-in metrics to let you see how your teams and individuals are performing over time, wherever they may be working.

Build On Remote Teams - Copado

Teams who work in the same office benefit from ad hoc communication, but that often comes at the expense of not tracking the history of decisions and activities. When it comes to your development process, every activity is important. Tracking your work allows others to understand why changes were made and to meet compliance requirements. Working remotely can force your team to record critical decisions and ensure that processes are done in a consistent way. This creates visibility and reliability across a distributed team, and leaves a history that helps future contributors and meets legal requirements.

Copado was built to facilitate remote teams collaborating across sites and time zones. A shared pipeline view shows everyone on the team the current status of all the changes. Every piece of work, every test, every deployment, and every discussion is recorded and available for review. And you can use standard Salesforce functionality to customize and extend Copado. Copado enables remote teams to perform better than they ever have before.

The success of your business depends on you being able to blend velocity with trust. This is the essence of agility: moving as quickly as you need, while still meeting all legal and security requirements. The most effective organizations integrate security and compliance requirements into their development lifecycle, thus ensuring that traceability is accomplished automatically in the course of daily work. Moreover Copado provides built-in metrics to let you see how your teams and individuals are performing over time, wherever they may be working.

Build On Remote Teams - Copado

Digital transformation is no longer a convenience, it’s a necessity. You may have a powerful platform with Salesforce, but is your team building on it as effectively as they can? It is critical for teams to have the mechanisms to collaborate together remotely to track and do their work in a reliable way, and to be able to adjust quickly to meet the changing needs of the users you serve. 

A time of crisis is also a time of opportunity. It takes our creativity, good motivation, and perseverance to accomplish great results even in the face of difficulties. Now is the time to ensure that our teams can provide the digital experience that our users need, and that we can adapt quickly as those needs evolve. Teams need to be able to collaborate wherever they are, and we need to close the feedback gap with end users so we can deliver what they really need.

There’s always a learning curve for teams adopting new practices. But you can help your teams by giving them the very best tools and collaboration platform available today. Salesforce makes it easy to build, but doesn’t provide everything you need to build collaboratively. Copado provides the collaboration, tracking, and Agile development platform that enables your team to take full advantage of Salesforce.

Make sure you’re getting the full value out of your team and out of Salesforce. Build on security, build on collaboration, build on trust, build on Copado.

About the Author

Andrew Davis Senior Director, Product Marketing at Copado

Andrew Davis

Senior Director, Product Marketing at Copado
Author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps

16x Certified Salesforce architect, developer, and product director, Andrew has been focused full time on DevOps for Salesforce since 2014. He is committed to helping companies simplify their management and find automated solutions. His book, Mastering Salesforce DevOps, brings DevOps principles to Salesforce development. It fits together two major movements within the IT world: the movement to Software/Platform as a Service (SaaS/PaaS), and the DevOps movement. Learn More.