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What your team builds is important. But so is the way your team builds.


Millions of people build on Salesforce, but they may not know how to build effectively as a team. There’s a learning gap. People need to understand how they can build and deliver innovation effectively, without sacrificing stability for their organizations and users. That’s why Copado has launched the DevOps Talent Center with the mission of connecting businesses with the world’s leading Salesforce talent.

The Copado DevOps Talent Center is focused on helping people learn and get certified, and connecting businesses with the talent they need. And we’re delighted to share that Copado has partnered with Salesforce to create two Trailhead modules that explain DevOps for Salesforce. These modules explain how teams can build together more effectively on Salesforce. And the need couldn’t be greater: Free online learning is more important than ever as companies are moving at top speed to ensure they can operate remotely.


Copado DevOps Training Initiatives

These two modules explain the development process from beginning to end. In addition to technical processes, these modules explain the culture and mindset shifts that make DevOps the most influential and transformative approach to software. Andrew Davis from Copado will also summarize these topics on Trailhead Live on Tuesday, August 18 at 9:30am PT.

We’ve also partnered with Revolent and Mason Frank to help ensure people have the DevOps skills needed for today’s jobs. Revolent helps people with technical backgrounds to retrain as Salesforce admins, developers, and DevOps specialists. In addition to learning Salesforce, Revolent participants learn and get certified in Copado.

Copado Talent Alliance

Mason Frank maintains the world’s largest network of trained Salesforce professionals. They help workers to find opportunities. And they help companies find the skilled people that they need. Together with Revolent and Mason Frank, we’re helping connect the dots between training and the need for teams to move faster, helping fill the Salesforce skills gap.

These initiatives extend Copado’s efforts to provide free learning resources and help companies reduce their time to value with Salesforce. The foundation of these efforts is Copado Academy, a free, gamified learning platform, inspired by Salesforce Trailhead. Copado Academy helps people develop deep expertise in Salesforce DevOps and get certified in Copado. 

Copado is also pleased to announce three new certifications will be coming this year. Building on the Copado Admin and Developer certifications, Copado will soon be releasing Consultant, Advanced Consultant and Architect certifications.

These certifications go deeper into the skills of using and optimizing Copado. The goal is to build a highly trained ecosystem of professionals who can set up Copado, customize it to the unique needs of every company, and use it to achieve companies’ strategic needs.

Already this year Copado has trained 14,000 people. And we’re on track to train 20,000 people in 2020.

Now’s the time to build your own skills with DevOps for Salesforce. Check out the two new modules on Trailhead: Salesforce DevOps with Copado and Continuous Innovation with Copado and get started making your own Salesforce creative process faster, more satisfying and more reliable than ever before.