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2022 State of Salesforce DevOps Report: Top 4 Trends

Copado’s 2022 State of Salesforce DevOps Report is a tale of two teams: Elite Performers vs. Low Performers. After surveying hundreds of global development teams and analyzing their performances, we discovered several key trends that separated the best from the rest — from testing to CI/CD to agile planning. 

Join Salesforce VP Peter Coffee and Andrew Davis, author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps, as we analyze the longest-running State of Salesforce DevOps Report and show you what exactly separates the best from the rest. Let’s eliminate the tradeoff between speed and quality!

You’ll Learn

  • Trend 1: 3X more Salesforce dev teams are tracking development metrics AND using the data to optimize software delivery.
  • Trend 2: 94% of Elite Performers can deploy once a week or more (vs. 13% of Low Performers) and have 6X shorter lead times.                          
  • Trend 3: More than 8 out of 10 of Elite Performers keep change failures rates below 15% (vs. 8% of Low Performers).                              
  • Trend 4: Only 36% of Salesforce dev teams deploy once a week (vs. 65% in 2019).