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Guiding TalkTalk to 9X Faster Salesforce Releases

TalkTalk is a challenger brand in the UK’s telco industry with an inspiring mission: To bring everyone simple, affordable, reliable and fair connectivity. From broadband and landlines to TV and mobile services, TalkTalk serves over 4 million customers across Britain — and Salesforce is the beating heat that keeps everything running smoothly on the back-end. 

In order to continue delivering seamless customer experiences, TalkTalk needed to scale Salesforce. The only thing standing in their way: Time-consuming manual processes like Change Sets. 

“We started with Salesforce Change Sets, but it quickly became apparent we needed a better solution,” says Paul Calf, Salesforce Environment & Release Lead at TalkTalk. “Stress levels were quite high — and we couldn’t keep up with development velocity. With Copado, we’ve reduced releases from 8-9 hours down to just one hour.”

Results with Copado:

  • 9X Faster Salesforce Releases (1 Hour vs. 9 Hours)
  • 30% More Capacity (Without Using More Resources) Per Sprint
  • Extended Support for Salesforce DX
  • Salesforce Source Format Makes Merges Easier
  • More Digestible Source Files
  • Fewer Merge Conflicts & Faster Deployments

Since Copado bases releases on User Stories, it’s easy for TalkTalk to keep environments in sync from start to finish. Copado enables TalkTalk to replace manual steps and deliver higher quality code in a quicker and more efficient way. 

“We built our own tool to do deployments using pipelines, but it was still quite labour-intensive,” says Simon Bracegirdle, Salesforce Release & Deployment Lead at TalkTalk. “[Our homegrown tool] didn’t address fundamental issues with getting data from developers through to the integration environment and production.”

With Copado, TalkTalk’s developers can enjoy true peace of mind. They can now set deployments off in a live environment and wake up the next morning with confidence that it went right. 

“We chose Copado because it allows us to deploy both Salesforce Industries and Salesforce core functionality in the same release,” says Alex Atkinson, Salesforce Programme Manager at TalkTalk. “Investing in Copado allowed us to drive our efficiency and delivery. We’ve increased capacity by 30% — with the same investment per sprint.”