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Rebuilding New Zealand’s Work Based Learning Through DevOps Automation

How does New Zealand's largest provider of construction trade apprenticeships automate their DevOps processes and scale Salesforce? Read how Copado helped BCITO increase their releases to twice a week

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BCITO (Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation) is New Zealand’s largest provider of construction trade apprenticeships. They migrated from on-prem systems to cloud-based applications, and Salesforce was their chosen solution. However, challenges arose around production delays due to the small team’s manual development processes.

To support an ever-expanding list of apprenticeship programs, BCITO set out to improve the speed of their delivery lifecycle. Learn how the BCITO team leverages Copado’s DevOps Platform to automate manual processes and scale Salesforce. Read how Copado helped the BCITO team:

  • Achieve 16X faster salesforce releases.
  • Decrease their fail rate by 80%.
  • Reduce the time to resolve hotfixes by 90%.
  • Increase team morale and overall job satisfaction.