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Change Management & Testing for SAP

How do IT professionals think about and practice change management and testing for SAP? Understand benchmarks for testing and deploying changes in SAP. Read the report!

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Change is the only constant in life and technology. What is new for SAP customers over the last few years is the dramatically faster pace of change. In response to customer demand and competitive pressure, SAP has accelerated its product roadmap with new and enhanced functionality released almost on a quarterly basis.

New solutions from SAP such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori, and the low-code/no-code platform demand faster and more collaborative approaches to development, change management, and testing. In addition to SAP solutions, most SAP customers continue to add non-SAP applications that integrate with SAP. The deployment of these solutions on multi-cloud and hybrid environments adds to the complexity.

SAP teams, used to multi-year development projects followed by years of maintenance, must now adapt to this rapid, multi-modal development world. Change management and testing functions become critical to meet this scenario, yet many customers struggle with them. This leads to subpar application quality, suboptimal business value, compliance issues, business disruption, project delays, and budget overruns. Several high-profile deployment failures continue to make the news.

SAPInsider surveyed 210 IT professionals across the world during October and November 2021 on their change management and testing goals, challenges, and technologies. We found that nearly half of respondents are not satisfied with their change management and testing functions. There is a desire to modernize change management and testing across the SAP landscape. Further, SAP S/4HANA plans are likely to accelerate modernization in change management and testing.

We start off with an analysis of the change management function and then follow up with testing.