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AmerisourceBergen Unlocks 4x Deployments | Copado Resources

See how Copado equipped a patient services provider with the DevOps platform and agile process they needed to unlock 4x Salesforce deployments.

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Lash Group is a patient support services provider that helps a network of 18 million patients access and afford life-saving treatments and therapies. While the healthcare firm leveraged Salesforce to build software, Lash Group’s developers and engineers worked in a traditional waterfall lifecycle and deployed major releases at a glacial pace: every 3-4 months. 

Dive into this customer story to see how Copado provided Lash Group with the DevOps platform and the agile process they needed to ramp up their release cycle and make every project deadline. You’ll learn how Copado helped Lash Group:

  • Increase production deployments by 4x within six months.
  • Adopt agile and sandbox branching.
  • Eliminate entire development phase.