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Brunswick’s OneASG Achieves 4x Faster Test Automation

Discover how Copado Robotic Testing makes it easy for OneASG to scale functional testing and deliver error-free software releases across four mobile applications (two brands on two platforms).

“The nice thing about Copado Robotic Testing is you don’t have to write it. Copado simplifies the process with low-code functionality— making it much easier to get people up and running on it.” -Laura LaRocca, QA Manager, Brunswick’s OneASG

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Results with Copado Robotic Testing

  • 4X faster test execution than open-source automation
  • 120 human testing hours saved per release
  • 300+ tests automated through Copado Robotic Testing
  • 1 hotfix across 6 releases to production

Calming Production Storms: Turning Potential Catastrophes into Non-Events

Ultimately, a testing solution is only effective if it churns out high-quality code — and test automation continues to leave a trail of bug-free software in its wake for Brunswick’s OneASG.

“Across six releases to production, only one had defects that needed a hotfix,” says LaRocca. “ That’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything that effective."

Read the Full Story - here