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How Copado DevOps helped Zen Internet maximize Salesforce ROI

Zen Internet leveraged Salesforce to deploy software — but each release was error-filled and took days. See how Copado helped Zen streamline releases.

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Zen Internet is a full-service telecom provider for both B2B and B2C customers across the UK — delivering broadband internet, enterprise networking and cloud and phone services to half a million customers. But without a DevOps tool, administrators bottlenecked projects by making changes directly in the production environment without much documentation.

Unlocking Fast and Efficient Deployments with Copado

Copado helped Zen get the most out of Salesforce by streamlining deployments and releases. Results include:

  • Uniting admins, architects and developers into one native Salesforce platform

  • Doubled productivity

  • Consolidating workflows and documentation

  • Reduced time spent on coding