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Salesforce Building Blocks with Accenture and OwnBackup


The Salesforce platform continues to evolve every year — is your team using the most cutting-edge tools and techniques?

We’re joining forces with Accenture and OwnBackup to share the building blocks global leaders are leveraging to drive ROI in today’s Salesforce landscape. Don’t miss this deep dive on DevOps, data protection and digital transformation! Our webinar includes:

  • The key building blocks that fuel Salesforce success

  • Techniques to bring speed + quality to delivery teams

  • Real-life examples of inspiring customer journeys


Hear from Four Experts

  • Didier Tahar: Director of Alliances and Distribution Channels, OwnBackup

  • Jean-Sixte d’Hendecourt: Senior Solution Engineer, OwnBackup

  • Juan Manuel Jimenez: Salesforce Technical Architect, Accenture

  • Jerome Jaunasse: Sr Alliances Director, Copado