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Enabling DevSecOps in Digital Transformations


Dive into episode three of Copado’s PA Playbook series to discover the power of DevSecOps and how to leverage it to drive your digital transformation. At Copado, our DevSecOps solution embeds compliance, security and testing directly into our DevOps platform.


Top 3 Threats to Cloud Technologies

Why DevSecOps? Because no matter what technologies you use or how carefully you plan, you’re still at risk of security breaches. In fact, threat events in the cloud have increased 30% year over year. Today, the three most common compliance and security threats within multi-cloud transformations are:

  • Data integrity
  • Identity and access
  • Integrations


5 Steps to DevSecOps Enlightenment

Ready to pave your journey to DevSecOps maturity? The path to enlightenment spans five stages: No Process, Recognition, Simplification, Automation and Continuous Improvement. Across each step, customers go from reactive to aware to committed to proactive before finally reaching their final destination: enlightened.