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Copado Connecting the Clouds '22 CRT Workshop EMEA

Software development is constantly evolving. New tools make it easier and faster for you to develop new software — but your testing toolbox needs to evolve too.

Join Copado Product Evangelist Henri Terho and Product Specialist Joona Sinisalo for a discussion on the impact of low-code testing in today’s development climate.

Topics include:

  • Why test automation is so important
  • Changes in the testing paradigm
  • Tools enabling the current testing landscape
  • What Copado Robotic Testing looks like on the inside

Once you cover the finer points of Copado Robotic Testing, it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and give it a whirl! Join Henri and Joona for a hands-on demonstration of the Copado platform and try your hand at the live editor tool.