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Copado for MuleSoft Demo

We’re excited to announce that the #1 DevOps platform for Salesforce is now the #1 DevOps platform for MuleSoft. Copado for MuleSoft helps you work faster and smarter by automating hundreds of time-consuming processes throughout your pipeline. It’s your one-stop shop for both MuleSoft and Salesforce pipeline management — where everything flows seamlessly together.

Watch this platform overview and product demo to see it in action — and be sure to book a personalized deeper dive with our DevOps experts to see how this low-code plugin could ramp up your MuleSoft releases!

Copado for MuleSoft: 7 Powerful Pipeline Features

  • End-to-End Visibility and Version Control
  • MuleSoft and Salesforce Pipeline Sync
  • Overlap Awareness and Real-Time Alerts
  • Automated MuleSoft Delivery
  • Quality Gates and User Stories
  • Seamless Migration with Existing DevOps Toolchain
  • MuleSoft KPIs and Metrics