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Resilient Test Automation and Self-Healing Capabilities with Copado Robotic Testing

One of the biggest challenges with test automation is the effort required to maintain tests. With traditional test solutions, tests break with every code or layout change, making it time-consuming to maintain those tests. And if you’re working with a platform like Salesforce, with multiple upgrades and frequent deployments, you’ll spend most of your time maintaining tests and not creating new ones.

With Copado Robotic Testing, our tests have built-in maintainability. Robotic Tests aren’t coupled to underlying code, so your tests won’t break due to code or layout changes. And in those instances where the UI has changed (for example, on a web page with a button that originally says “Speak to Sales” then updated to “Talk to Sales”), you can rely on our AI-powered self-healing capabilities that compare locators to elements available in the DOM. We’re not tightly coupled to code, but we do have access to use it when applicable. Watch this short 4-minute demo to see all this in action!

Are you interested in seeing all the capabilities of Copado Robotic Testing to empower your team with a test automation platform that’s easier to create, faster to value, and less to maintain? Learn more here!