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Copado DevOps and Testing on Low Code Platforms

Innovation is shifting to Low-Code platforms. In fact, according to Gartner, 75% of applications will use No-Code or Low-Code technologies by 2025.

This shift away from Pro-Code platforms to ones that feature an admin-friendly UI comes as no surprise. . Low-Code technologies make it easy for every team member — regardless of programming skill level — to build and customize applications.

Overcoming the Constraints of Low-Code Platforms
But while Low-Code platforms make it fast and easy to build simple things, things can get messy when anyone can jump in and point and click. DevOps is the management solution that helps you realize your business ideas and goals.

In this video, hear how Copado’s DevOps and testing solutions empower collaboration among Low-Code teams and deliver quality and value across Multi-Cloud delivery pipelines.