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Valmet: Automating Salesforce Releases & Testing for a Finnish Industrial Firm

Valmet needed a cloud-native solution for Salesforce release management. See how this Finnish industrial icon uses Copado CI/CD & Copado Robotic Testing to automate releases at scale and catch bugs.

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Valmet develops future-proof technologies and automated systems for the pulp, paper and energy industries around the world. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, the public enterprise partners with mills, plants and factories to transform raw materials into renewable resources.

The Challenge: Searching for a Smarter Tech Stack

On the digital side, Valmet’s IT team implemented Salesforce in 2016 to drive enterprise-grade cloud transformation and handle customer-facing solutions in one place. Before long, thousands of internal and external Salesforce users were flooding Valmet’s customer success platform with business requirements. Developers worked long hours and late nights to keep up with development requests — only to get blindsided by merge conflicts, overwritten changes and regression bugs.

Valmet needed to replace Change Set deployments and manual testing with a Salesforce-native
release management tool and end-to-end test automation.

The Solution: An Unstoppable Duo: CI/CD & Robotic Testing

Copado CI/CD and Copado Robotic Testing work hand-in-hand to ramp up the volume and velocity of Valmet’s Salesforce pipeline. On a weekly basis, developers merge changes and robots automate end-to-end regression tests to find and fix bugs on new Salesforce features before they go to production.

Results with Copado:

  • 200+ Automated Regression Tests Per Week
  • 16% Increase in User Story Deployments
  • End-to-End Pipeline Visibility & Traceability
  • Fewer Production Issues Due to Fewer Overlaps
  • Quality Gates & Risk-Free Deployments