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Automating the Path to Higher Quality Systems

How Nouryon Eliminated Priority 1 Incidents

Automating the Path to Higher Quality Systems

SAP, SuccessFactors and ServiceNow process automation


Hours saved on technical standard changes alone


Priority 1 (P1) defects in 12 months


Faster Regression Testing: from 4 days to 1


Automated tests created by functional experts

"Definitely we saved time and resources, but the highlight is a higher quality SAP solution in production: we had a full year without high (P1) incidents in production and that was the biggest advantage of using Copado. You should use Copado if you want to have a more stable system.”
-Jan Hoffman, Test & Release Manager at Nouryon

The Challenge

‍Nouryon required for a solution to automate their regression testing and most importantly increase the quality of their SAP processes. They aimed to find a solution that was user friendly so that business users, who have all the process knowledge but not necessarily automation experience, could automate the business processes themselves. The solution also had to be flexible enough to support the process variations across each of the business units as well as supporting the monthly release schedule.

“We chose Copado due to the user friendliness. Our people really understand what is happening”
- Jan Toebak, Application Delivery Manager at Nouryon

The Solution

‍Nouryon used all their SAP experience, in combination with Copado (formerly Qualibrate), to digitize their business process master list within the Copado repository. This gave Nouryon a cloud based digital library of their most important processes for regression testing that they could run on demand.

During the normal manual regression testing cycle, key users from the business used Copado to directly capture their processes in Copado flows and scenarios. This was a very practical and efficient approach to digitizing Nouryon’s processes in Copado. Once in Copado the business users could manage and maintain the processes and execute them automatically from then onwards.

As their experience grew Nouryon utilized Copado outside of regression testing adopting Copado to optimize their process of implementing standard changes in SAP. Using Copado, Nouryon managed to automate the entire technical standard change process (request from ServiceNow, the execution of scripts and steps within SAP and back to ServiceNow) saving manual, repetitive error-prone work and thousands of man-hours.

The Outcome

‍Nouryon developed a stable automated regression set that is run monthly and which performs bulk validations that were previously time consuming to do manually and prone to error. Regression testing times have been reduced from 4 days to 1 day.

“With Copado we found a lot of missed information that key users overlooked. An automated system never overlooks.”
- Jan Hoffman, Test & Release Manager at Nouryon

Standard changes from ServiceNow to SAP are now automated saving an estimated 5000 manual hours a year alone.

From a satisfaction stand point, Key Users have more time to do their normal jobs and crucially Nouryon had a full year with zero Priority 1 incidents in production.