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Driving 2-Hour Sprint Deployments for BlueWave Solar | Copado

BlueWave Solar joined forces with Copado DevOps to accelerate a slow, manual Salesforce development and deployment process into streamlined automation.

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BlueWave Solar’s Salesforce release team was bogged down by a labor-intensive process, countless overwrites and loss of data. They spent countless hours double-checking and rebuilding instead of net-new creation.

GIT: Establishing a Single Source of Truth

Copado teamed up with BlueWave to unlock a single source of truth via their GIT repository — helping the release team to collaborate effectively, eliminate overwrites and decrease data loss.

Faster Deployments Without the Risk

Copado DevOps empowers BlueWave Solar to scale quickly and efficiently — without sacrificing the rate or quality of their deployments. With Copado, BlueWave is able to release several times a day straight to production and achieve continuous innovation.


Achieve continuous innovation with Copado

Unlocking Fast and Efficient Deployments with Copado

From JIRA user stories to automated metadata, Copado’s integrated functionality and automation tools helped KUKA’s team save countless hours. KUKA also implemented GIT as a single source of truth — allowing them to create a version control process and reduce the risk of overwriting and missing components. Results include:

  • 50% more components per deployment

  • 80% reduction in manual deployment tasks

  • Sprint deployments in 2-6 hours vs. 5-6 working days

  • End-to-end version control and quality control