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Saving Resources While Increasing Quality and Test Coverage

Saving resources while increasing quality and test coverage

Saving resources while increasing quality and test coverage

How a large International Dutch retailer saves 80% of resourses on their SAP FMS implementation with Copado.


POs - Mass upload validation (Sourcing & Buying)


Articles - Mass upload validation (Merchandising)


Time and resource saved on test related activities


Coverage increase achieved

“With Copado we moved towards a clearly defined, standard way of automating our business processes.”

Stephen Evans | QA manager | PVH Europe

1. The Challenge

PVH manages a diversified portfolio of brands as well as numerous other owned and licensed brands — and markets them globally. With over 38,000 associates operating in over 40 countries, they view their global supply chain as a key competitive advantage. Their capabilities for worldwide procurement and sourcing enable them to deliver to the customers competitive and high-quality goods at an attractive value and on a timely basis. They also operate a network of wholesale and retail distribution centers.

With this complex landscape, PVH was looking for a stable system that could ensure continuity to the business and support IT evolution to meet the customer needs.

That is why they decided to empower SAP Fashion Management as an integrated solution to bring all the processes into one system. By rolling out SAP FMS to operating brands they had to ensure business continuity: that’s why automation was the key.

2. The Solution

Copado (formerly Qualibrate) was chosen as the test automation tool. The challenge was to upload massively:

  • 12.000+ POs for Sourcing and Buying
  • 310 Finance Documents
  • 18.600+ Articles for Merchandising

The loaded data were checked manually up until then. This time-consuming activity could only ensure 10% coverage of the entire uploads in scope. Not only PVH wanted to ensure continuity but also increase coverage and free-up critical IT & business resources from costly manual regression testing activities.

All this was possible with Copado: with the power of automation, they drastically increased coverage and speed of their regression testing activities. Moreover, with the Copado intuitive UI, business users could easily translate their business knowledge into high-quality automated regression test scenarios.

3. The Outcome

With Copado PVH could drastically speed up the upload of bulk data, automatically:

  • 12.000+ Pos in 3 hours
  • 310 Documents in 2 hours
  • 18.600+ Articles in 4 hours

With Copado PVH increased the data validation to 100% correctness and completeness (compared to the previous process of manually spot-checking 10% of loaded data).

By involving business users in the setup of automated test scenarios at low time cost and by automating the process, PVH could save 80% on test-related activities.