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Tackling Quality-Driven Testing for Salesforce with Copado Robotic Testing

Today’s end users expect a quality experience every single time. However, digital systems are like living things — which means they inevitably break down over time. So what’s the secret to managing the modern IT landscape? How do you increase quality by testing end-to-end systems, apps and interfaces? 

Copado rolled out Copado Robotic Testing to empower teams of all skill levels and drive smarter digital experiences. Copado Robotic Testing helps teams improve trust and confidence in their development via scalable test automation.

This includes:

  • More Speed: 10X Faster Testing
  • More Scale: 34X Greater Coverage
  • More Value: 78% Fewer Failures

Discover how Copado Robotic Testing unlocks a quick and easy ramp up time (because it’s cloud-based) and improves productivity through cloneable robots and self-healing AI. Check out this demo of our tool from Salesforce Days and learn how to scale end-to-end coverage with data-driven testing for Salesforce solutions.