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Smooth Deployments + Refreshing Releases for Coca-Cola | Copado

Learn how Coca-Cola EP took their release process to the next level with Copado’s native DevOps CI/CD solution, increasing release velocity, stability, and visibility.


Refreshing Releases for Coca-Cola | Copado
Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) serves over 300 million Coke drinkers across 13 European countries. But the enterprise’s DevOps process for Salesforce was leading to critical errors, frequent overwrites, merge conflicts and late nights for developers.

Unlocking Digital Transformation with Cloud-Native DevOps

Copado joined forces with CCEP to architect a new and improved DevOps lifecycle for Salesforce. Leveraging Copado made it easy for CCEP to run end-to-end tests and analyze code — automatically resolving conflicts, preventing components from being overwritten and eliminating critical errors.


Refreshing Releases for Coca-Cola | Copado

Driving Salesforce ROI with Copado DevOps

In the future, CCEP hopes to further tap Copado’s features to move from monthly and weekly releases to a more agile process and continuous delivery. Up next for Coca-Cola: Automated Salesforce deployments and daily releases of new product enhancements.