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Copado Plan Demo

Copado Plan aligns the planning process to your team's strategic themes to help you deliver software that satisfies real customer needs. Value-driven software development begins with effective planning — and Copado Plan keeps everything in one place through an admin-friendly dashboard.

Manage Your Salesforce Team with Copado Plan

Salesforce cannot combine different record types and does not allow inline edits. With Copado Plan, scrum leaders can easily view sprints and make changes (Like reordering the priority of tasks to multiple stories at once).

Copado unlocks value-driven agile planning for low-code and pro-code teams with insight into:

  • Team Progress
  • Epic and Release Status
  • User Stories

User stories are now easy for planners, builders, testers and release managers to digest — resulting in Salesforce CI/CD and software deployments that deliver value to customers.