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Copado Robotic Testing Helps Propic to Automate 80% of All Test Cases for Propic

Propic (an Australian tech firm) leverages AI and data to allow real estate customers to do more with less across residential sales, property management and project marketing. Before Copado, Propic had a manual testing process with a lot of pain points:

  • Backlogs of stories that needed to be tested after a sprint.
  • Developers would often get pulled off dev projects to complete all testing.
  • Testing bottlenecks delayed time-to-value for new features.

Solving the Pain with End-to-End Test Automation

Propic implemented Copado Robotic Testing to save time through automation, solve complex scenarios and leverage cloud-based testing. Propic uses Copado to ease the setup of new environments with repeatable processes. See how Copado helps Propic achieve: 

  • A 70-80% increase in automated test coverage.
  • 90% more functional testing coverage.
  • A 375% reduction in testing hours (from 132 hours before Copado to 32 hours with Copado).