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Copado’s Low-Code DevOps Platform: Orchestrate Development Across Any Tech Stack

2021 was referred to as the “Great Developer Drought” due to a shortage of talent on the marketplace. But the lack of technical skills didn’t stop the low-code wave from creating a splash in the world of development!

As low-code continues to democratize DevOps, there continues to be a need for a software delivery solution that’s simple enough for both low-code and pro-code teams to use. And that solution is Copado.

Join Copado Senior VP of Products David Brooks and Product Marketing Director Kristin Baskett for hands-on demos that show Copado's Low-Code DevOps Platform in action.

Demos include:

  • Copado Actions
  • Copado Functions
  • Copado Job Templates

BONUS: Jukka Kuosmanen, solution architect for Fennia, demonstrates how Fennia created a seamless high-quality build pipeline with Salesforce, MuleSoft and Copado.