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What’s on the Copado DevOps Exchange? Integrate Slack to Elevate Your DevOps Workflow with Centro

The Copado DevOps Exchange features 50+ ready-to-install CI/CD and Robotic Testing apps to help you extend the power of Copado and automate your specific tech stack. So what are these solutions? And how do they work? 

In episode three of “What’s on the Copado DevOps Exchange?” with Centro: Integrate Slack to ElevateYour DevOps Workflow. Watch a fireside chat with Centro CEO Ryan Hitchler and a special demo of Centro’s Slack solution for Salesforce DevOps. Ryan showcased how to integrate Centro and Slack into your DevOps workflow to enhance collaboration and output within your Salesforce development team. 

You'll Learn:

  • What are the common obstacles that development teams encounter when integrating Slack and Salesforce into their workflow
  • How gaining more visibility of Slack discussions from Copado records in Slack can revolutionize your workflow
  • A quick demo of Centro’s integration to Copado DevOps Workflow (Which will make  your Salesforce Development Team is more effective)

Leverage 50+ ready-to-install solutions on Copado DevOps Exchange. Explore solutions!