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Copado's 5 Steps to DevOps Success | Step 1 | Visibility

Visibility is the bedrock of software development — and that's why it's the first step in Copado's 5 Steps to DevOps Success. This five-part video series explores the proven path taken by digital disruptors. Join Copado Sr. Director of Strategy & Business Operations, Gloria Ramchandani, for a five-minute episode on Step 1: Visibility.


Watch Episode 1 of Copado’s Five Steps to DevOps Success to learn:

  • About the Past, Present and Future of Development (Brought to Life by Chalkboard-Style Illustrations and Animations)
  • Why William Edwards Deming is the Forefather of Quality
  • How to Leverage Automation and Version Control to Visualize the Flow of Value


Stay tuned for Episode 2 of Copado’s Five Steps to DevOps Success: Quality.