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Accessible Automated Testing: Empower Everyone to Test Salesforce & Beyond | Agile + DevOps

Test automation is table stakes in today’s enterprise application landscape. But the testing marketplace is full of solutions that are tough for business testers to learn and require too much maintenance. That’s why we rolled out Copado Robotic Testing — to empower teams of all skill levels and drive smarter digital experiences. Copado Robotic Testing lives in the cloud. It’s powered by AI. And it’s outfitted from top to bottom with enterprise-grade functionality: CI/CD integration, self-healing AI, low-code UI, pro-code capabilities, quality intelligence and so much more. Ready to tackle quality-driven testing? We’ll show you how easy it is to create, execute and maintain tests with Copado Robotic Testing.

Join us to learn how you can:

  • Create fully cloud-hosted robots in seconds without any heavy infrastructure
  • Leverage low-code functionality to record tests directly from user actions
  • Spin up future-proof tests via QWords and live testing
  • Seamlessly integrate testing with CI/CD Come hang out with us as we share real-world use cases for business and technical testers!