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Build Salesforce Automated Tests within Minutes with Copado Robotic Testing Salesforce Starter Suite

This demo will show you how to accelerate your Salesforce Automated Testing by using Copado Robotic Testing's Salesforce Starter Suite.This Accelerator Template includes pre-built test cases based on common Salesforce use cases. Your delivery team can now create automated test cases in just a few minutes. Copado Robotic Testing is SaaS-based, so all you have to do is log in to a browser and begin. There’s no need to set up local infrastructure or install third-party extensions to get started. With features like Live Testing, you conveniently see your test run in real-time so it’s easier for you to debug and build a fully functional test all in one view. And when there’s an update to your Salesforce sandbox and the target of your test case is different, with AI-powered self-healing capabilities, your test can be updated based on the changes made to your sandbox. With a click of a button based on the suggestions on what’s present on the UI. This is just a fraction of how Robotic Testing can empower your team to test Salesforce more effectively and efficiently. Looking for other ways Robotic Testing can turn your delivery team into automation experts? Go to for more information.