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Building Indestructible Software with Quality Driven Pipelines

Digital systems are fragile and finicky — and today’s development teams are spending far too much time fighting quality issues. Companies simply don’t have the people to keep up with testing needs and prevent changes from causing production breakdowns. As a result, bugs get missed and spark major security breaches down the road.

How Do You Embed Quality into Your Software Development Lifecycle

What’s the best way to build resilience into the system without stifling creativity? Check out this on-demand Salesforce DevOps Masterclass for real-world stories and best practices from Copado SVP Product David Brooks and Copado Senior Product Marketing Manager Cassandra Stanek. 

You'll Learn:

  • Why a traditional DevOps approach doesn't cut it. 
  • What a Quality-Driven approach looks like and how it drives innovation. 
  • How testing in a Salesforce environment is unique.
  • The importance of a cloud-agnostic, unified and end-to-end testing strategy.
  • How to enforce separation of duties.