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Copado's 5 Steps to DevOps Success | Step 3 | Speed

The History of Science Museum in Oxford, England is home to the world’s very first computer. This crude mechanical computing engine was created in the 1820s by Charles Babbage — with help from a brilliant young mathematician named Ada Lovelace. Ada designed an algorithm that triggered the device’s automation, making her the first programmer. 

200 Years Later: Unlocking Speed via CI/CD Pipelines

Ada Lovelace developed her iconic algorithm to help people work smarter — not longer — through the power of technology. Fast-forward 200 years and we continue to embody Ada’s problem-solving approach here at Copado. Automating build and release pipelines injects superhuman speed into the software delivery process. Watch Episode 2 of Copado’s Five Steps to DevOps Success to find out:

  • How to Go Fast Without Throwing Quality on the Backburner
  • The Mission-Critical Differences Between CI and CD
  • Speed Beyond Automation: How to Eliminate Friction 
  • A Preview of the Fourth Step to DevOps Success