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Copado's 5 Steps to DevOps Success | Step 2 | Quality


Ford had enough speed and power to beat Ferrari in the 1963 Le Mans race — but 3 out of 4 gearboxes broke and the car didn’t even finish the race. Whether you’re flying down a French racetrack or navigating your digital transformation journey, you can’t go fast without quality. And that’s why it’s step two in Copado's 5 Steps to DevOps Success.

Dive into Quality with Senior Product Marketing Manager Angel Suon. This 5-minute episode will show you why Quality is at the heart of the never-ending practice of improvement — across planning, architecture, development, process and communication. Watch Episode 2 of Copado’s Five Steps to DevOps Success to find out:

  • The Full Ford vs. Ferrari Story
  • Why a Quality-Driven Approach Is the Linchpin that Holds Everything Together
  • The 3 Elements that Power Quality Delivery
  • The Third Step to DevOps Success!