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Copado 5 Steps Video Series | Step 4 | Innovation

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight. Technology breakthroughs develop one small step at a time — from AI to the humble expense report. Ready to look up from your roadmap and innovate at scale? 

The Power of Innovation

Innovation is about much more than process improvements — it’s about waking people up to what’s possible. True innovation delivers an outcome so much better than the previous one that no one would ever go back willingly.

We enjoy the outcomes of successful innovation every day — but it can be easy to overlook the journey companies take to reach this phase. Today’s most futuristic technologies are powered by hundreds of micro-innovations. 

The Root of Today’s Problem: Manual Development

If your innovators spend all their time on tedious and unproductive tasks, your chance of digital transformation success is slim. A typical developer devotes the lion’s share of their day syncing sandboxes, testing their work and fixing functionality. But these tasks are exactly why machines were made. Value-adding work must be prioritized to maximize business impact.

What Comes Next?

Creativity is only freed up when busywork is eliminated from the equation. When visibility, quality and speed are built into the process, our brains can focus on making magic. Once you’ve reached the step of Innovation, the only thing that can hold you back are the storms of real-world adversity. Join us next time to tackle the fifth and final step to DevOps Success: Resilience.