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Copado acquires Qualibrate - No-code testing for SAP.

As the world’s fastest DevOps platform for Salesforce, Copado unites pro-coders, low-coders and no-coders on the same platform and enables development teams to make release days obsolete. By adding no-code testing for SAP to our DevOps platform we're taking the next step in revolutionizing the ways teams test, document, and train end users.

The Catalyst for DevOps Metamorphosis
We’re thrilled to welcome Qualibrate + IOVIO to the Copaverse to give our customers a user-friendly, no-code automation solution that comes with manual testing accelerators.

With Qualibrate, teams benefit from:

  • 9X Faster SAP Releases
  • 7X Faster Documentation
  • 80% Less Testing and Training Effort