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Enterprise DevOps: The Next Generation


The future of your business depends on the speed and scalability of your software. Follow these five DevOps capabilities to gain a strategic advantage and become a digital disruptor: visibility, quality, speed, innovation, resilience.


Step 1: Visibility

Visibility gives you the awareness you need to execute. Ramp up your business strategies with agile planning tools like User Stories and track work and progress across multiple teams and environments with the pipeline manager. Make version control easy for non-technical users with the visual commit grid and identify performance bottlenecks with value stream management.


Step 2: Quality

Deliver reliably by aligning everyone on a clear definition of “done.” Embed automated testing and quality gates into your pipeline to reduce production failures by 78% and decrease the burden of ongoing test maintenance by implementing self-healing tests. Monitor quality at scale with Copado Robotic Testing — a test automation dashboard that can reduce cycle times by up to 95%.


Step 3: Speed

Eliminate manual processes and increase team collaboration to dramatically accelerate delivery speed. Automating deployment and org synchronization can accelerate release velocity by 20X or more. To deliver more sophisticated apps, effective teams use data templates to deploy with speed and ease.


Step 4: Innovation

Digital leaders learn how to measure the innovation they build by the business impact it delivers. Teams must prioritize new features based on business value and track user adoption to show that customers benefit from every new feature.


Step 5: Resilience

Our final step isn’t a destination — it’s a continuous process to optimize your teams, maximize business agility and drive market success. Resilient companies adopt a mindset of digital experimentation and quickly adapt their processes and measurements as conditions change. This requires true decentralization — shifting decision-making to frontline teams and delivering incremental improvements.