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L’automatisation des tests accessible à tous les utilisateurs de Salesforce

Companies rely on Salesforce development teams to deliver business value. These dev teams build new features and applications to drive digital transformation and provide seamless customer experiences. However, each year, 92% of development teams experience production issues that frustrate Salesforce users and add friction to digital experiences. Why? A lack of testing.

Improve Trust and Confidence in Delivery with Scalable Test Automation

Join Marcel Assaraf and Jean-Luc Malvoisin for a 45-minute presentation of Copado's AI-driven test automation platform and its most powerful features: CI/CD integration, self-learning AI, low-code UI, pro-code capabilities, mobile testing, quality intelligence and more. We'll show you how easy it is to create, run and maintain tests with Copado Robotic Testing. Learn how testing can improve speed, scale and value:

  • 10x faster testing: Quick and easy ramp-up time
  • 34x more coverage: Cloud-based solution with cloneable robots
  • 78% fewer failures: Increase productivity through AI