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The Architect’s Guide to Salesforce Org Strategy

How do you choose a Salesforce org strategy that optimizes your digital transformation journey? Single org or multi-org? Get answers to real-world challenges from 3 Salesforce changemakers: Daniel Stange, CTO & Technical Architect at die.interaktiven, Andrew Davis, Sr. Director of Methodology at Copado and “Salesforce Ben” McCarthy.

Get Answers to 4 Common Org Strategy Questions

  • Single org or multi-org? Learn how to serve both users and business units by pivoting to the BAPO Model (Business, Architecture, Process, Organization)
  • Org-based or package-based development? Ensure modularity and integration.
  • Sandboxes or scratch orgs? Discover best practices for developing and testing in production-like environments.
  • How do you manage development and testing orgs? See how to balance change and stability.