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Using Copado DevOps Actions and Functions for Multi-cloud Pipelines

Delivering changes safely to your Salesforce apps can be tricky. Delivering those changes when you are coordinating pipelines across multiple SaaS applications is even more daunting. But Copado CI/CD keeps things simple by providing you with a single low-code DevOps platform for all your needs. 

How Do You Create Your Own Copado Action?

Copado Actions enable administrators to commit, promote, deploy, and test on Salesforce — all without having to use code. Here is what our low-code building blocks accomplish: 

  • Job Templates: A record in Salesforce where you compile a list of reusable instructions
  • Copado Functions: Script hosted on the Copado platform
  • Salesforce Flows: Automated Salesforce process
  • Manual Tasks: Manual to-do-checklist

Watch this video to learn how to harness the power of low-code automation via DevOps Actions and Functions! Or read the Knowledge Article on Copado Functions.