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What’s on the Copado DevOps Exchange? Practice DevSecOps with DigitSec


The Copado DevOps Exchange features 40+ ready-to-install templates, integrations and plugins to help you automate your entire tech stack. What are these solutions? And how do they work?

In this first episode, we explored DigitSec’s Salesforce security testing solution on the DevOps Exchange.

DigitSec CEO Waqas Nazir will share real-world security incidents and take you on a tour of DigitSec’s solution. See how it seamlessly integrates with Copado to accurately detect vulnerabilities during your implementation and enforce an ironclad DevSecOps process. 

You'll Learn:

  • Why We Launched the Copado DevOps Exchange in December.
  • The Risk of Neglecting Security (with Painful Real-World Examples).
  • How to Practice DevSecOps with Security Scans & Configuration from Copado.
  • How DigitSec’s Automated Testing Solution Surfaces Vulnerabilities.

Leverage 45+ ready-to-install solutions on Copado DevOps Exchange. Explore solutions!