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What’s the Best Way to Automate Testing for a Salesforce Community Site?

Salesforce Community sites are full of functionality that needs to be tested to guarantee a seamless user experience. Overlooking testing could be an expensive mistake. If software bugs make it to production undetected, they cost 640X more to fix. To reduce risk, comprehensive test debugging and error tracking are a necessity, not a choice.

Building a Clear, Easy & Fast Process with Copado’s Live Testing

Automating testing for a Salesforce Community site is the most requested use case among Copado customers. With real-time test execution, you can prevent downtime, enhance functionality and keep product release discussion groups private.

While most test automation solutions require third-party integrations to function, Copado’s Live Testing lets you view test runs as they happen out-of-the-box — right from the start. With Copado, there's no need to wait for a scheduled test execution before you can review results and fix faults.

3 Benefits of Efficient Live Test Execution

Ready to streamline your development and test automation process with live testing? Copado Robotic Testing is the best way to test Salesforce Communities for three reasons:

  • Easier to create
  • Faster to value
  • Minimal test maintenance effort

Watch 3-Minute Demo

Want to see Copado’s Live Testing in action? Watch this quick demo to learn how to create automated tests for a Salesforce Experience Cloud. Protect your digital experiences and monitor test progress on demand!

Where Can I Learn More About Copado’s Live Testing?

Explore the ins and outs of Copado Robotic Testing and book a custom demo to find out how Copado Robotic Testing could supercharge user experiences across your Salesforce Community site.