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Copado's 5 Steps to DevOps Success

Strengthen the foundations of your people, processes and tools to accelerate digital transformation.

Step 1: Visibility

See the Big Picture

Do you have the information you need to implement best practices? Lacking context, information overload, and obscure data can make it impossible for teams to translate information into codified knowledge.

Get the optics you need to understand and optimize your software delivery pipeline.

Understand the state and progress of work

Prioritize the most important tasks first

Make informed decisions faster

Simplify and remove waste from the process

Step 2: Quality

Build Quality at the Source

Teams encounter costly rework when defects and vulnerabilities are found in the final mile. And catastrophic business consequences like downtime and security breaches can follow if they make it into production.

Shift quality management practices earlier in the software delivery lifecycle.

  • Produce a simple, reliable workflow your team can trust
  • Identify and remediate issues earlier
  • Be confident that new changes won't break the system
  • Lay the foundation for continuous improvement of the systems' quality
Step 3: Speed

Get to the Future Faster with Automation

What's slowing you down? Teams often struggle with manual processes and messy, time-consuming merges. These cause long delays in releasing changes. Don't let chaotic process management dampen your release velocity.

Embrace automation. CI/CD best practices will increase the speed of development, speed of creation, speed of testing and speed of feedback loops. Your releases will be smaller, faster and more frequent.

Automate tedious, manual processes

Quickly adapt to changing market conditions and customer requirements

Deliver improvements faster

Step 4: Innovation

Imagine the Next
Industry Disruption

You have great ideas. But your team is too busy with infrastructure management and tedious housekeeping work to spend time on innovation. How do you leapfrog today's business requirements and build to win in the future?

Empower the creation of new and differentiating software.

  • Lead your market
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Delight and intrigue customers
  • Build really, really cool stuff
Step 5: Resilience

Adapt to the Unknown

Can your software development process change gears in response to unexpected forces? Those that can't anticipate and react fast to change risk destabilizing the business or worse…becoming obsolete.

To be a resilient business means that business strategy and software strategy must be adaptable. With the strong fundamentals in place from steps 1-4, humans become the adaptive elements of the system.

Quickly adapt to external and internal stresses on the organization

React to industry disruptors you didn't predict

Use disruption to your advantage and overtake competitors

Build a sense of purpose, pride and camaraderie


Ready to transform your software delivery processes?