TEI Report - Copado

Don’t Ignore Security in Low-Code Development


Low-Code Mitigates Some Security Risks—But “Citizen Developers” Bring New Challenges


5 Ways to Shore Up Security in Low-Code Development

The low-code movement can turn anyone into a developer ? but it can’t turn anyone into a security-aware developer.

In this brand new report, Forrester Consulting explores the democratization of development and the mission-critical security risks posed by citizen developers and low-code platforms. Access Forrester?s findings to discover how you can seamlessly build security into your low-code development lifecycle.

You’ll Learn

  • How to find out who is using low-code platforms in your organization.
  • How to apply different security controls for professional developers vs. citizen devs.
  • How to look for platforms designed for your unique developer personas.
  • How to engage low-code platform vendors on security requirements.
  • How the platform works and what security you must still own.

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